Saniya Khan
art textiles

Snaiya Khan - garment


Saniya Khan’s fall & winter line is fluid, elegant and feminine. Fabrics flow along lines of the body or mingle with structured layers and complementary forms.

She plays with the opacity and transparency of textures - chiffon, velvets, silk jersey, and leather are painted, dyed, and embellished.

Tranquil subtle tones are met with a gush of vibrant colour to paint this collection with a passion. The softest of grey and ecru blend into charcoal and indigo then change into poetic lilacs, oranges and copper tones.

Fall / Winter 2017 | Spring / Summer 2016 | Fall / Winter 2015 | Spring / Summer 2014 | Fall / Winter 2012 | Fall / Winter 2008 | Spring / Summer 2008 | Fall / Winter 2007 | Fall / Winter 2006

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Saniya Khan photo credit: Andrew Miller Photography
FDCC photo/video credit: Paul Toogood Photography