Saniya Khan
art textiles


Textiles are treated with utmost love, and are designed under a unifying theme for Saniya Khan’s fall/winter 2007 womenswear clothing collection. Expertly tailored designs feature hand painted and embellished fabrics celebrating the designer’s multicultural background and artistic influences. A deliberate effort has been made to make each piece exceptionally comfortable, with classic style lines that can be worn for both day an evening. It is the goal of this collection that each piece will offer its wearer small piece of luxury that can be incorporated into their everyday life.

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“The inspiration for this collection is drawn from my childhood home – it is a lasting tribute to my parents. I have picked only a few images and memories from that endless source of strength and beauty to design these pieces.”

A businessman father of utmost integrity and an artist mother formed this home where four of us siblings were raised with endless source of love and encouragement. Here beauty was found in the early morning dew drops, as a five year old doing stretching exercises barefooted with my father, or all of us lying under the cool summer midnight skies figuring out the star formation. The memory of us siblings bathing endlessly in monsoon rain is still so vivid!

This home was surrounded by trees of all kinds of fruits and blooms. The rattan rope swings were tied on the tall mahogany trees where hand made slats of wood formed the seats.

My mother’s love of lozenges was predominant in her designed window grills or her aesthetic sense in the novel placement of pastel marble stones that she inlaid on her fireplace. My father’s love of roses was evident year in and year out when he planted the most gorgeous of roses ranging from faintest of apricots, soft peaches to the lush maroons.

– Saniya’s parents continue to live in this home
with beautiful hearts.

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Photo credit: Ravi Lall